17 March 2008

In Loco Parentis Revisited

Here is a very moving story that illustrates the moral intent of a school's obligation to act In Loco Parentis:

On February 5, a tornado carved a deep gash across the aorta of our campus: the dormitory complex. Along with the university's president, David Dockery, and another dean, I was among the first administrators to arrive at the disaster, a mere two minutes following the direct hit.

We stopped first at the men's dorms. Nothing could have prepared us for the devastation that we saw in the dim glow of the lightning flashes. Several of our students were trapped under a collapsed commons area. To the side of our view, we could see the rubble of the women's complex.

Click here to read the rest of this story by Gene C. Fant Jr. in the Chronicle of Higher Education.

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