14 February 2011

Exemplary Business Ethics by Japanese CEO

Here's a CNN story about Japan Air Lines CEO who has lead by example by tightening his own belt as he tightened the company belt, too.

Progressive School "Chains" Article

There is an article that gives an overview of progressive schools that have replicated themselves. [Link: Progressive Chain Schools]
Founded by Francis Parker and popularized by John Dewey, the progressive education movement developed as a reaction against traditional schools that prioritize rote learning over holistic child development.

These institutions typically have certain features in common:

* Experiential hands-on learning takes precedence over test-oriented instruction.
* Emerging student interests guide classroom activities.
* Assessments are based on student projects and presentations.
* Curriculum is integrated and focused on thematic units.
* Development of creativity and critical thinking skills are emphasized.
* Teachers facilitate learning rather than deliver instruction.
* Social responsibility and community service are interwoven into the curriculum.
* Focus extends beyond academics to include moral, social, emotional, artistic and physical development.

The term "chain" might mislead someone who took it to mean that the schools are affiliated with each other in ways that are similar to restaurant chains like McDonalds. Sudbury schools are about as related to each other as Chinese restaurants are.

07 February 2011

06 February 2011

Science Teaching Flipped

Here's what one science teacher did to get instruction out of the way of his teaching:

Hat Tip to the Innovative Educator for this one.

05 February 2011

Connection Parenting

Here's a quote from a blog post by Kevin Salwen who co-authored a book with his daughter about how they gave up half their possessions: "In our big house, we stopped communicating. We'd scatter to different rooms, far from one another physically and spiritually. The house actually began to weaken our love, or at least our ability to express that love.

So, when Hannah prodded us to sell that house, she was pushing us to reinstate our communication, our connection, our love. In our new, smaller, "half" house, we live with each other instead of near each other."

Hat Tip to Llynn Peabody for this one.

04 February 2011

After School Program Spectacular

Here's a presentation from PopTech about a West Phillidelphia High School After School Program for engineering that made good, literally:

This reminds me of a discussion I was recently having about how The System is made up of people and the leverage for change comes from finding and exploiting every slight crack in its defenses. Think of a huge rock. Every year in the winter water finds even the smallest crack in the face and when it freezes opens it just a micrometer more than before. Over enough time those cracks eventually break it apart. If there was concerted effort to exploit strategically located cracks, then it would break down even sooner. The after school program mentioned above found a way to open up a crack. They want to leverage the attention they've gotten to bust out into their own school. If they get that far, then they've really accomplished something that might sustain. The video ends with an endorsement from President Obama making that very point (although they had not announced their agenda to start a school as far as I know.)

03 February 2011

Why glass is transparent.

Here's the answer from the University of Nottingham:

Hat Tip to Wimp.com