17 March 2008

Charter School Pseudo-Debate

Here's an interesting pseudo-debate on whether or not Public Charter Schools are proving to be a good thing or not:

The reason it is not really a debate is that one person says that there is extremely limited information, but what it shows is good.

The other opinion is that it's just too early to tell for sure.

They don't really disagree. But that's not why I find the page blog-worthy.

What got me interested in posting is the CON side's conclusion:
Rather than pitting charter and public schools as sector vs. sector, we’ll do better to think of charters and traditional schools as components of a broad public education system, ultimately responsible for democratic processes and open to change and adaptation as we feel our way along toward better schooling and a better society for all.

I would only add that every kind of alternative education, school or program be included in the concept of what constitutes our education system.

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