27 July 2010

Unitarian Universalism, All Soul's Church in D.C.

Here's a good interview with the ministers of All Soul's Church in Washington, D.C.

24 July 2010

Lord of the Flies was the Adults Fault, not the boys

Here's a post at SpecEdChange that addresses Golding's Classic Lord of the Flies from the perspective of how the situation was partly determined by the adults who taught the boys, not an inevitable result of boys being boys.

14 July 2010

Perpsective on Human Exchange/Economy

Here is a brilliant TED Talk by Matt Ridley that explores the nature of human exchange and it's role in our lives:

10 July 2010

Hans Rosling's Case For Global Social Justice

The world's foremost global statistical analyst, Hans Rosling, presents a case for focusing on child survival as one of the key components in stopping the population explosion by the year 2050:

05 July 2010

What's a year?

Here's a video that explains the astronomical variations on the calculation of a year: