19 May 2009

Illusion of Time & Space

Here is an NPR story on the fact that our experience of a sensory world is unified into a coherent temporal unity (a singular time line and a consistent space) despite the fact that the raw data is streaming in across different time scales and from many different sources spread out across the space of our bodies.

The Secret Advantage Of Being Short on Krulwich On Science by Robert Krulwich

Here's a detailed article from The Edge about our illusion of time.

And another video on the perception of time:

03 May 2009

A Mom Stops The Bribery

These three posts are a nice account of how and why one Mom chose to give up on bribes:

Unhappiness is a Bad Habit

Punished By Rewards?

How to get kids to do boring (but necessary) tasks

Rewiring the Brains of Kids and Old People

This talk is not a sparkling presentation, but it is very interesting regarding brain plasticity and how kids develop certain kinds of learning disabilities. There are a couple other presentations that I have seen on Fora.tv and others that talk about how these findings are applied for kids. They have shown how auditory processing speed is crucial, for instance.