20 December 2009

Change Blindness Videos

Change Blindness Video Links

UK Public Service Announcement Series
~1 min


~2 min


~2 min


Entertainer Darren Brown's version on the streets of New York
~4 min

A Psychologists version
~3 min.


Excerpt from a BBC production explaining a particular experiment
~6 min.


18 December 2009

Moral Thought Studies and Morality Without Religion

This Situationist post has a three part video of Mark Hauser talking about studies of moral psychology that demonstrate the current insights about the universality of unconscious moral thoughts. The "Rational" moral thought versus "Emotional" moral thought debate is shown to be wrong on both counts because unconscious moral thought processes precede and crucially shape both emotion and rational justification. Culture (potentially in the form of religion) influences the emotions felt and the actions that will be taken, but much of the moral framing of how we understand the nature of the situation occurs unconsciously.

TED Talk on the Role of Metaphor

Here is a fella named James Geary talking about the role of metaphor:

I find it interesting but I'm not sure if it's sufficiently clear about how fundamental metaphor is to our thought processes, but of course, there are severe limitations in the format TED offers.