22 November 2022

Education Hygiene Ep#3- Positive Regard

If unconditional positive regard is good for children, wouldn’t that encourage teachers to be permissive? Being permissive is bad, isn’t it? Find out!

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21 November 2022

Schooliness Meme #3


Schooliness: A disease that confines the mind to a hot stuffy box created by teachers, unnecessary rules, and bureaucracy. Side affects include lack of passion, mind numbing, and extreme functional fixedness. Hat Tip to Lindsea

Hat Tip to Clay Burrell for coining the term “schooliness” (following Stephen Colbert’s lead when he gave us the term “truthiness.”) Also to Wesley Fryer of the Speed of Creativity blog for preserving Clay’s guest post in which everyone was invited to chime in with their own definitions. If readers offer an original one that I like in the comments on this post, I will add it to this collection and create a meme to go with it.

14 November 2022

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