25 July 2008

A Lesson From The Ebu People of Nigeria

This is a simple and powerful message for the Mending of the Sacred Hoop from Chris Abani from Nigeria.

Authentic Happiness

Here is a Ted presentation (embedded below) that gives a quick overview of the three aspects of a truly happy life that we should be educating our kids to find: the engagement aspect, characterized by an abundance of flow experiences; the meaningful aspect, characterized by serving something greater than ourselves; and the pleasure seeking aspect, characterized by experiencing pleasing emotions.

Here is the Authentic Happiness web site where you can assess your happiness, and your potential to increase it, in scientifically validated ways.

07 July 2008

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Defining "Success" in Turbulent Times

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Quantum Shift Video Series

Embedded (The numbering of parts/episodes was wrong, Part 2 overlaps both 1 & 3 by six minutes, thus is totally unnecessary and after 6 minutes into part 3 you should skip to part 4 or else watch all of part 3 then skip the first 5:50 of part 4):
Part 1 (~12 min):

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Part 4 (~12 min, ~6 min overlap with part 3):

Greenfest Lecture:
Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

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