28 January 2019

Defense Against The Dark Arts: Hidden Curriculum Psychology

7-Part Video Course

Learn to Recognize Evil
- Evil is sometimes hard to see and understand.
Learn Real Magic
- Social psychology has proven that magic is real. 
Learn to Use Your Power for Good  
- Using magical power for good requires you to know and apply scientific principles.

You are a good and normal person.
At least, I hope so. 
Did you know that previously good and normal people have been made to do evil deeds? 
Of course, that sounds like the Imperious Curse from the fantasy world of Harry Potter. 
You might be thinking, "Magic, like the Imperious Curse, is a fantasy not a reality so you can't be seriously suggesting that the imperious curse could be real, are you?"
Yes, I am.
Social psychologists have discovered how situations can have seemingly magical powers over individuals under certain circumstances. 
And widely respected scientific research shows that in schools and organizations typical management techniques can result in harmful outcomes for those people subjected to it (and thus be considered evil).
This course will teach you what those circumstances are and how to create the opposite types of circumstances in order to cast spells for goodness instead of evil.
WARNING: This course raises challenging ethical issues for those good and normal people who have participated in schools and organizations that have good intentions but may have perpetrated evil instead. 
If you are not ready to confront the possibility that you and/or your organization may have inadvertently cast evil spells upon innocent people, then you may not be ready to take this course. 
Rest assured that this is not uncommon.
I have been guilty of both perpetrating this kind of evil and causing it to be perpetrated as have some of the social psychologists who conducted the experiments that proved this magic is real. 
But, with what we have learned it is now possible to recognize and prevent it from happening.
That is why I am teaching this course.
And rest assured that publicly funded and most institution-based research, at least, has adopted precautions to either prevent evil from happening, or taking extra care to ensure that the benefits of doing potentially evil-inducing experiments will be worth the risks.

Daily Course Sessions (Video length)
#1- The Imperious Curse and Dolores Umbridge- The Fantasy World (12:48)
Link to Part 1 (Links to the next episode appear in the description.)
#2- The Real World Imperious Curse (14:01)
#3- The Stanford Prison Experiment (12:00)
#4- Busting the Bad Apple Myth, Part 1 (10:06)
#5- Busting the Bad Apple Myth, Part 2 (10:53)
#6- How to Grease the Slippery Slope Towards Evil (11:27)
#7- How Climb Up To Goodness (13:18)
Total Runtime (84:33)

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