02 January 2011

Healthy Aging Sholarly Video

Here's an extremely academic video of professional academics talking about the effects of early experiences across the lifespan in various scientific studies (2 hours with 6 presentations of 10-15 minutes):

The first talk raises interesting points about how important a warm nurturing environment is for those who have had the opposite experience. She also points out that her data seems to suggest that stress reactions are sensitive to social context.

Interesting insights into positive vs. negative emotions and emotional regulation in the second talk.

Third talk is about loneliness and she concludes that loneliness is not treated effectively by putting people in groups. (Not enough time to go into more.)

The fourth talk is about three studies showing the effect of relationships on men and how we are susceptible to additional risk factors when marriage relationships are disrupted.

Fifth talk on happiness.

Sixth is on stress bio-marker, telomerase (the genetic cap on the end of chromosomes that enable reproduction which decline over lifespan.)

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