19 April 2015

Frozen Desserts Guide

Ever wondered about the differences between ice cream, sorbet, sherbet, italian ice, granitas, and gelato? I used to work at Elevated Ice Cream in Port Townsend, WA. But that was years ago and I have a hard time keeping the various distinctions straight as time has gone by. The conversation came up to day so I had to consult the Oracle and got this:

I also consulted wikipedia for more information on granitas, italian ices, and shave ice.
Here's a nice infographic  on the differences between shave ice and snow cones:

In descending order of fat:
Premium Ice Cream 11-16% fat (Elevated had a custom 12% mixture as their base and mix their own flavors.)
Regular Ice Cream 10-11% fat
Economy 10% fat
The source has more distinctions of Ice Cream, but that's enough for me.

Gelato 20% air instead of 60% air (not sure which grade of ice cream)

Sherbet up to 2% fat

Sorbet whipped no fat 

Italian Ice is made the same way as Ice Cream that is mixing while freezing with no fat. 

Granita Varies in texture from smooth to coarse and is made in various ways from mixing to shaving.

Shave Ice shaved from a block with flavoring

Snow Cone crushed ice with flavoring

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