14 July 2014

Fly Catching Hack-- FAIL

Homemade fly trap video link

I'll report back on our success, or lack thereof. We've baited it with a piece of sausage, a little bit of a pear, and it has some leftover cherry coke in it, too.
7:30 PM on 14 July 2014 Trap Set

Joyce added some fragrant banana bits this morning about 7:45AM. No flies in the trap.
About 8:15AM on 15 Jul 2014, no flies, banana bits added.

Joyce added a shrimp at about 9AM. No flies in the trap yet.

Joyce added a piece of plum at about 10:30AM. No flies in the trap yet.

I put it outside for a proof of concept trial about noon and at 1:45PM we had trapped 8 flies! Brought it back inside to finally trap the ones that matter.

There are six dead flies in the trap. The rest seem to have figured out how to escape. And while there are fewer flies in the house the trap does not seem like it made much of a contribution to that fact.

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