20 September 2013

Rebutting Direct Instruction Claims

Here's a good thoughtfu rebuttal to claims about the efficacy of direct instruction:

"Door #1: If our goal is to accelerate short-term learning of predetermined and easily tested academic knowledge and skills (regardless of broad and long-term effects), then direct instruction would be judged to be clearly more effective.

Door #2: However, what if we want what works best in the long run for the range of goals we value most for children, including real-world competence in subject matter plus creativity, love of learning, initiative, problem-solving, independence, critical thinking, citizenship, good decision-making, communication skills, leadership, and to be caring, happy, and healthy? If we really want this, then education with substantial child-initiated and jointly-planned learning is clearly superior.
After decades of researching people's top goals for children, I know that parents and employers consistently pick Door #2 (see Wagner, 2008)."

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