29 May 2011

Dancing at the Jefferson Memorial is still a crime

I don't know anything about this Kokesh guy, but here's the video:

Here's my reaction to a similar incident a couple years ago where I ask the question, "What's a cop's job?"

I have to give the Park Police a little credit for following my advice from a couple years ago in that they attempted to find organizers and communicate with them.

But then they failed in the acts of communication. If they actually believed that the people they were talking to were leaders they then failed to give the leaders time and space to pass the message on. They acted as if talking with one small group of people would instantly transfer knowledge to everyone. Once again they failed to be reasonable.

They made the same basic mistakes that I pointed out the first time:
"These are the park police failures.
1. They judged the activity of dancing to be a threat to the sanctity of the monument
2. They created a conflict by ordering the dancers to leave without explanation
3. They escalated the conflict by using foul language, engaging with people by physical contact and openly displaying anger."

This time there was not the foul language or the open displays of anger, but their basic failures remain the same. They made a stupid judgment and then played out the conflict that their own judgment created.

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