24 October 2005

Pacific Grace and her extraordinary boom

This is the Pacific Grace, which I photographed in Port Townsend on October 17th. What caught my attention about her was the short foresail boom and the extraordinarily long mainsail boom. The first picture to the left shows that the mainsail boom is so long that it has a substantial bow to it. The curvature is not an effect of the camera, it is the actual shape of the boom. Actually, looking at it this way it is a rather elegant reflection of the curves of the deck and the rails. Was that intentional, you think? The second photo on the right shows the information they had on display about her (you can click on it to see it full size.) The third photo, while it technically sucks as a photo, shows how short the foresail boom is and the odd distance between the masts that caught my attention as I was walking into downtown.

If anyone happens to know a reason for such an arrangement I would love to hear about it. Is there something about fishing, or the particular waters she was designed to sail in that would make this arrangement of particular advantage?

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