06 April 2015

Almost Advocating Self-Directed Learning

This blog post presents four myths about self-directed learning:
When I pointed out another one in the comments the author posted it. But when I further suggested resources that show how self-direction can be used as the whole enchilada she did not post that comment. So, here it is:
For more substantial examples of self direction in action I suggest you look at democratic schools and unschooling. Instead of just 20% time for self-direction these are more like 100%. When kids of any age are given the opportunity and support to make real decisions for themselves then great things can and do happen.

This article addresses unschoolers: http://ww2.kqed.org/mindshift/2014/09/02/how-do-unschoolers-turn-out/

This is the website for one of the most well-known democratic schools in the USA http://www.sudval.org/

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