26 April 2011

World Laughter Day Celebration

My friend Andrea Crisp is going to be leading Laughter Yoga at the Saturday Market Main Stage this Sunday, May 1st @ 2PM. http://amplify.com/u/b109v2

Mapping our own minds

Here's another take on the mismatch between reality and how we think about it. This time it is a post from Psyblog about how we should deal with the fact that we have very little ability to know the reality inside our skin. In my previous post I shared a TED Talk in which Bruce Schneier explained our lack of ability in knowing the reality outside of our own skin. Fortunately, we can get to know reality outside our skins through a variety of social supports and careful training in critical thinking and appropriate cognitive skills. Unfortunately, we do not have comparable tools for getting accurate information about our own minds.

Mind Maps for Security

Here's a TED Talk by Bruce Schneier about the difference between our sense of security and the reality of security. What caught my attention is his description of the discrepancy between our sensibilities and the reality they are supposed to reflect. He talks about it in terms of how we create security theater that has little to do with the reality of making people more secure.

I think the concept is crucial to understanding what is going on in education. We have lots of education theater that reassures people but contributes little to real education.

23 April 2011

Teaching Complexity and Compassion to 4th Graders

Teacher John Hunter created the World Peace Game and here's his TED Talk:

I Err, Therefore I Am- St. Augustine

Getting it wrong is central to being human. We cannot see the world as it is because of our species talent for seeing the world as it could be. Here's a TED Talk by Kathryn Schulz on this point:

Stretching the bounds of empathy

Are you willing to imagine what it's like on the receiving end of US military power? Here's an opportunity to find out guided by Sam Richards a Sociologist:

Big History

In this TED Talk David Christian gives a short history of the entire universe:

22 April 2011

Learning Poem by imogen

“You can love me, but I must make me happy.
You can teach me, but I must do the learning.
You can guide me, but I will have to walk the path.
You can coach me, but I must win that game.
You can even promote me, but I must be successful.
You can even pity me, but I will still have to bear the sorrow.

For the gift of love is not the food that feeds me;
it is the sunshine that nourishes what I must finally harvest for myself.
So, if you love me, don’t just sing me a song;
teach me to sing, for when I am alone I will need the melody.”

Source: Sweet Nostalgia Blog

01 April 2011

Making Small Spaces Feel Large

Here's a Tokyo architects methods for the illusion of space: