25 August 2021

Holistic? What does that mean?

Before you can understand what I mean by "Holistic Equity" you have to have some ides of what I mean by "holistic." The video linked below will take you through a quick exploration of what "holism" has come to mean in education. My newest video, What Is A Holistic Approach To Education?, will clarify what holism is and how it applies to education in about 13 minutes.

16 August 2021

Announcing the Holistic Equity Project

For about 14 years I sent out the Schools of Conscience/ Teach-Kids-Attitude-1st newsletter, though I shut it down a few years ago. I am proud to announce that I have used my time during the pandemic to reimagine my work and am starting a new website and newsletter called Holistic Equity. 

The main focus of the new site is helping education leaders to understand how the sciences behind motivation and engagement need to be applied in schools. You can get an introduction to what this is all about with the video, Introducing Catalytic Pedagogy, in under 15 minutes.