23 February 2010

Transforming the Legal System into a Justice System

This TED Talk by Philip K. Howard lays out a basic case for the need to transform our legal system into a justice system and how to do it. In my opinion one of the most basic features of the democratic education movement is based on having implemented these principle already.

20 February 2010

Explaining the Power of Relationships

In this POP Tech presentation James Fowler shows that our intimate network of friends is an important influence on us, and just as importantly, the extent of our most powerful influence.

The Power of a Healthy Lifestyle: Dean Ornish Videos

TED Talks:

POP Tech Talk:

19 February 2010

True (but not real) Public School Sign

Here's a link to the Education for Well-Being blog post where I found the best public school sign ever (at the bottom).

The Importance of Relationships in Education

Here's an article that makes it clear that certain kinds of relationships between teachers and students are central to education. The article is focused on how Bill Gates and his foundation have misunderstood what the folks who believe this have been telling them. With the consequence that much money was wasted on ineffective programs that may have given lip service to relationship building, but acted contrary to what is necessary to build appropriate relationships.

02 February 2010

Patients Taking Responsibility for Health Care

Here's a TED Talk on a web site that facilitates the opportunity for patients to take responsibility for gathering meaningful data about their disease and the treatments they choose.