29 December 2022

Interview Excerpt: Humanizing Schools

Jenn Grace, founder of Publish Your Purpose Press, the publisher of my book Schooling for Holistic Equity interviewed me on the launch day, December 7th, 2022. You can see the whole interview here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g9749oQkl2Y

26 December 2022

Schooliness Meme #5


Schooliness: The process of leaching creativity from the soul of a student. 

Hat Tip to Diane Cordell

Holistic Education Video

Does holistic education have something practical to offer schools? Find out by clicking here or on the screenshot below to watch the video (~16 min).

13 December 2022

Schooliness Meme #4- Schooly Schools


Schooly Schools- Places that prepare children for the world by separating them from it. 

Hat Tip to Clay Burrell

For more information about this meme series click here.

08 December 2022

Talk at IDEC '22 a.k.a. Summerhill Festival of Childhood

Here's my talk from IDEC, a.k.a. Summerhill Festival of Childhood. I would have put it up sooner but the organizers kept promising to post their version which will have much better sound quality. Nice informal setting, but that also means a lot of background sounds and at one point a toddler rambles through chomping on a pickle. Hopefully, I can give this talk in a more formal setting with better recording quality sooner rather than later.

07 December 2022

Book Launch Interview

 I had what I think is a great interview with Jenn Grace of Publish Your Purpose Press this morning!