26 November 2010

Green School Innovation in Bali

Here's a TED Talk about a new school in Bali:

Design in Education

Here's a TED Talk from a designer who has made a comittment to rural public education in North Carolina and brings innovative thinking into the whole community:

22 November 2010

Empowering Teachers in Harlem

Here's a passionate woman who founded a successful charter school that has done well because they set up a system that fully empowered teachers. I think it's a great idea, and I'd just ask that the exact same principles be applied to students.

21 November 2010

New Democratic School in Israel

Here's a video about one of the new democratic schools in Israel:

07 November 2010

The Connection Theme

This seems to be an important theme that is arising as a fundamental for human flourishing: connection.

Hardwired to Connect

06 November 2010

Difficulty of Layman's Explanations

Richard Feynman, the world renowned physicist, explains to a BBC interviewer why he cannot explain why magnets repel each other. This is the perpetual dilemma of technical sophistication.