19 April 2006

B Collective Public Improvisation Experiment

The following came through me during the first Public Improvisation Laboratory put on by the B Collective at Aldrich's Market in Port Townsend, WA, yesterday April 18th. They are planning to continue the labs on Tuesdays from 2-5PM for the foreseeable future.

I was invited by Nalla Walla of the collective. I arrived some time between 3 and 4, I think. I was having a late lunch of food from the deli downstairs and just took a seat to watch. At 4:30 or so they stopped their to do some writing and invited me to write as well. Here's what I wrote:

Flowing bodies moving in trust through balance
and constantly flirting with imbalance
Tableau- a moment frozen
the bodies hot
it doesn't last
the flow goes on

Thinking through the lense
arranging space and color to capture moments
impossible to hold

Improvisation eating the crunch of chips
the savory fare in dance with moving bodies
eating time consuming space attention to limbs in motion

the audience performing the performers watching
no one knowing their role

chewing on the grist of conflicted emotions
uncertainty about how to feel the right from left

a spoonful of coucous and lentils topped off with the cool tapioca as deliveries move through
the dolly clangs on bump in the floor as we enter into the Experiement of Spontaneous Activity in the public arena.

18 April 2006

Climate of Hope Article

Here is an article about global climate change but with a message that applies equally to all of the great crises of today.

By Kevin Sweeney
April 4, 2006

Link to Article

Global warming is the worst news of our time. But pessimism saps our will. It's time to embrace the challenge, and call boldly on Americans to win the fight of a lifetime.

All of this [various presentations of climate change] should be good news because it offers Americans a better handle on climate change. But it's not all good news, largely because it's all bad news. Really bad news. Something is missing from all of these stories: hope.