01 September 2009

Parent Involvement That Gets Results

If you take the assumptions of mainstream schools for granted then parental involvement seems to be important. Then the question becomes, "What kind of involvement should the parents have?"

What makes the difference is...
“academic socialization” mean[ing] that parents communicate their expectations for education to their kids and highlights education’s value and utility, like by linking schoolwork to current events. They also help their children create academic and career goals, discuss learning strategies with them, and make plans and preparations for the future.

As opposed to home-based or school-based involvement.

Hill and Tyson looked at three different types of parental involvement: home-based involvement, school-based involvement, and what they call “academic socialization.” In home-based involvement, parents talk to their kids about school, try to help them with their homework, take them to educational places like museums, and make sure they have access to books and newspapers. School-based involvement consists of attending school events, becoming a part of the PTA, volunteering at school, and building relationships with teachers.

Hat Tip to the Greater Good Blog.

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