16 June 2009

Psychological Dark Side- Torture

I have acquainted myself with the situation of torture through a combination of hearing lectures online and reading Philip Zimbardo's book The Lucifer Effect.

Here are the videos that I have found to be the most enlightening (from shortest to longest):

~20 minutes with Senator Carl Levin responding to former Vice President Dick Cheney's criticism of President Obama's Policies and claims about "aggressive interrogation"

~20 minutes with Psychology Professor Philip Zimbardo on exactly how the situation, not the individuals, determined that abuse would occur at Abu Gharib. WARNING: graphic images of torture. But there is a redeeming message at the end!

~1 hour with history Professor Alfred McCoy from University of Wisconsin on the 50 year history of CIA secret psychological torture techniques. WARNING: highly academic presentation with graphic video segments and descriptions of torture.

The Long Version of Zimbardo's presentation. 1 hr. 10 min. WARNING: graphic images of torture.

Reed College (my alma mater) Political Science Professor Darius Rejali gives a thorough examination of torture (1 Hour, 45 min):

A New Yorker reporters perspective on the recent torture issues:

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