19 May 2008

The Natural Step Sustainability Model

The Best Resources I have found, so far:

The Natural Step Canada (naturalstep.ca) through the Whistler It's Our Nature campaign of 2002 has one of the best explanations of the natural step framework I have ever found. Excellent production value as well as a clear presentations in both animated and text formats. Here are links to each part of the animated visual presentation.
Part 1: The Funnel
Part 2: The System Conditions
Part 3: A-B-C-D Thinking
Part 4: Basic Science
Part 5: Material Flows

Oregon Natural Step Network (ORTNS.org)has the best supporting materials regarding applications of the framework in different areas: Government, Green Building, Hospitality, Manufacturing, and Services.

This article is interesting because it ties together the Natural Step framework and ISO 14000 which might be thought to be a competing framework but is better considered as an additional set of implementation standards for the Natural Step framework. Or vice versa the Natural Step might equally be thought of as a conceptual framework to support the implementation standards set by ISO 140000.

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