14 March 2008

Stolen Computer

While Kirsten and I were visiting Vancouver, B.C., this last Sunday someone broke into Bob (Kirsten's 1986 Volvo station wagon) and stole all our luggage. They got my laptop, her digital camera and a lot of clothing and miscellaneous personal stuff. We forgot what it was like to be in a high crime zone. It was an unfortunate turn of events, but we are fortunate to be in a position to rebound reasonably well.

I am thankful that I subscribed to Carbonite the online backup service. The service quietly backs everything up while you are busy doing other things. I reccomend this service highly.

We ordered a replacement computer already. I will be getting a Lenovo ThinkPad R61 with the enterprise edition of linux preinstalled. I will need to set-up a dual boot for Windows to use some of the programs I depend on and to recover all the files that are in Carbonite. I am glad to be making a major step towards minimizing my dependency on Microsoft.

Other than that we had a good trip to Vancouver. All the people we actually met were very nice and helpful. The main purpose of the trip was Kirsten's interview with a UBC professor about possible graduate studies there. We stayed overnight at a nice B&B called King's Corner and had a dinner with my cousin Carol.

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