14 May 2007

I Have a Dream…

(Excerpt from Attitude First)

I have a dream where passionate teachers teach enthusiastic students in joyful schools. Schools where the intense energy of full engagement meets the drive of curiosity, and transforms the construction paper with crayon colors covering the cubicle classroom under a fluorescent buzz into a soaring cathedral crafted from wide-eyed wonder and devoted discipline. Where teachers share their passion for engaging with the world, and students enthusiastically choose the challenge of daily discovery. Where one and all explore reality in search of opportunities to help, exchanging the coin of their special realm—a joyful appreciation for discovering themselves in service to the Other.

Their special realm is the state of thrival. It is a land that is forever on the horizon. Every single day contains the potential for new adventures as intrepid travelers gather together to continue the ultimate journey through life itself. Their daily tools are simple: students wield the power of physical energy, emotional connection, mental focus, and spiritual alignment, while teachers direct that power through respect, responsibility, and resourcefulness. In my dream, the roles of teacher and student are not assigned since the roles change constantly because everyone can be either teacher or student according to the needs of the moment.

The only thing preventing the realization of this dream is attitude, mine and yours. I can’t change your attitude, only mine. But I am asking for your help. I promise to work on my attitude, and simply ask for you to do the same. My journey will take me to different places than yours, but if we both choose to navigate by the twin beacons of education and thrival, then our paths will eventually cross. I would be honored to share the company of fellow travelers along this path to a better world.

(Excerpt from Attitude First)

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